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Tsum Valley is a sacred Himalaya pilgrimage located in in the Northern Gorkha, Nepal. The term Tsum is derived from a Tibetan word “tsombo” which means Vivid. The valley is mainly inhabited by Gurung. Being a preserved area nor much data have gathered neither places have been explored. Although the fact is true that it is rich in ancient art, culture and religious aspects. The main inhabitants of this area are of Tibet origins and use a unique dialect. You’ll mainly encounter the Buddhist culture with beautiful landscapes and sceneries. The valley is dotted with Gumpas, Chortens and Mani walls. The Tsum Valley is fenced by the Buddha Himal, Himal Chuli, Ganesh Himal and Sringi Himal from all directions. The festivals celebrated here are quite unique such as Dhachyang, Lhosar, Saga Dawa and Fanning. The area is slaughter banned where no one is allowed to kill animals. The trekking trails vary from the altitude of 540m to nearly 5000m. Being a restricted area you need to have a special permission to carry out the trekking activities.


Day 01 Drive from Kathmandu to Arughat ——670m ———–8 hrs

And change the bus drive to soti  by jeep ——-730m———–3 hrs

Day 02 Trek from Soti  to  Maachhakhola——–930m———–6 hrs

Day 03 Trek from Machhakhola to Yoru Khola–1330m———7 hrs

Day 04 Trek  from Yoru Khola      to Philim——–1590m———6 hrs

Day 05 Trek from philim  to Chumling————–3200m———7 hrs

Day 06 Trek from Chumling  to Chhokung  paro–3200m———6 hrs

Day 07 Trek from Chhokung  Paro to  Mu gompa-4000m——–5 hrs

Day 08 Trek from Mu Gompa to Chhekya———– 4240m ——3 hrs

Day 09 Trek from hiking day  5066m and trek back to Nile 3360m  8 hrs

Day010 Trek from Nile to Lumdung gampa or Dazing gompa-4400m-7hr

Day 0 11 Trek from Lungdung gompa to lakwa   —-2240m—–    7 hrs

Day 0 12 Trek   from  Lakwa to Jagat ——————1410m ———7hrs

Day 0 13 Trek from  Jagat to Machhakhola—and soti                      8 hrs

Day 0 14 Drive back to Kathmandu around 11 hrs