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Mount holly Kailash and  mansorvar lake  is situated behind the Himalayas. It is one of the holiest mountains in the world for Hindus and Buddhists.  Thousands of Hindus and Buddhists pilgrimages  as well others  adventures lovers visit every  summer.
The Mount Kailash area is an extremely important religious region including two high altitude lakes, Mansarovar and Rakshesa. Kailash is the home of Shiva to Hindus and the Manasarovar Lake is the soul of Brahma.
Mt. Kailash is also known as Garu Rimpoche. It means “precious snow jewel”.
There are four sacred rivers, which start from Kailash into Nepal, Pakistan and India, Sutlej, Karnali (runs into the Gangas), Brahma -putra and Indus. Wildlife is abundant in this region encountering numerous species of birds, wildlife, and flora, wild himalayan yaks, many more . Mt. holi kailsh tour strart from kathmandu to fly lhasa , lhasa is a capital city  of tibet. After few days sightseen and acclimatize high altitude , you will continue drive to west tibet via Sigatse, Saga, lake Mansorvar , Darchen.  Then three  days mt. holi  kailash parikram will start from darchen. all  vecals, drivers and some of your  group frinds who can’t  do parikram due to the their  health and high  altitude issu they will stop in darchen . you  will meet them at darchen  after you re-trun back  from parikrama. with successful  holi mt. kailash tour  you will   back to kathmandu via same way  that you went up.

Mount Kailash is known in Hindu epics as ‘Sumeru Parbat’ providing a spiritually enhancing and exceptionally rewarding journey of a lifetime.